Innovation Roundup: Top innovation blogs, resources, and courses

plinnovate innovation course

Innovation resources are everywhere nowadays. To help you make sense of what’s important, in this innovation roundup, I briefly cover my top five innovation blogs, resources, and courses so that you can stay up to date with what’s happening, and better equip yourself with the proper innovation tools, skills, and information. Let’s jump right in.

1. Drew Boyd

First on my list is Drew Boyd, a global leader in innovation and professor of innovation and marketing at the University of Cincinnati. He is an industry expert and consults with top companies, including Johnson and Johnson. His website and blog contains high quality innovation information for anyone wanting to learn more. Having spoken to him multiple times, Dr. Boyd is a very well-informed and his writing his one of the best you’ll find.

2. Plinnovate: Innovation Courses for Students

Though a bit biased, Plinnovate is second on my list. This is a great resource for students and young adults in middle school, high school, and college. Alongside Plinnovate’s blog, which breaks down breakthroughs in innovation and industries, to online innovation courses covering methods like Systematic Inventive Thinking, you can be sure Plinnovate is a great resource.

3. Innovation Management

Innovation Management is an excellent resource for innovation news and information. Through their articles and resources, they hope to stress the importance of innovation in everyone’s lives and and hopes their readers become innovation leaders.

4. Idea Connection: Innovation Blogs

Idea Connection’s innovation blogs includes a list of a wide range of innovation blogs. Plinnovate is on the list, as is Ted Blog and Wired Science Blog. Be sure to check out Idea Connections list of innovation blogs.

5. Innovation in Practice

Innovation in practice is Drew Boyd’s blog for his book “Inside the Box.” His book covers the idea of thinking inside the box and how thinking outside the box is, in fact, a myth. He discusses one proven innovation method, Systematic Inventive Thinking, and how anyone can harness its techniques to drive real innovation in your life. This Innovation in Practice blog essentially builds off the ideas of his book and explores real world innovations that follow one of the five techniques of Systematic Inventive Thinking.

And that’s it for my innovation roundup of the top five innovation blogs and resources. Be sure to check out more articles and for more information, be sure to visit:

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