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Our in-person innovation workshops allow students within classrooms and organizations to gain basic exposure to innovation with Systematic Inventive Thinking. Through engaging exercises, workshops are not only fun, but inspirational.

What is an innovation workshop?

We conduct our innovation workshops for groups of 20-30 students with a variety of formats: from 1, 2 or 4-hour sessions. During the workshop, students collaborate with each other and learn to immediately apply what they have learned. These workshops are a great way to expose students to Systematic Inventive Thinking and thinking inside the box. We’ve had undergraduate students tell us that the material we presented inspired them in the role they wanted to pursue upon graduation. We’ve had middle school students innovate products already on the market. Get your workshop scheduled today.


We don't give a 1.5 hour lecture for our workshops, but we do teach fundamental concepts of innovation for Systematic Inventive Thinking. Those concepts include thinking inside the box and one technique of Systematic Inventive Thinking.


With numerous innovation exercises to get students innovating right there during the workshop is a key to solidifying the material taught. Though cliche, innovation is best when you are having fun.


Students get the chance to collaborate with others during the innovation workshop to create innovations of their own using the innovation techniques and methods instructed.

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