Why Us?

Learn innovation. Proven innovation methods.

The genesis of Plinnovate started with a seed planted in the mind of a parent.  This seed was a workplace workshop, facilitated by Drew Boyd, on the topic of innovation for corporations, using a method called Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT).  The parent saw the potential of this method for his own kids and as a good tool in their life kit.  Starting with his older son, at the time in high school, he gave his son a copy of the book, Thinking Inside the Box, to read and followed it up with a few chats.   To the parent’s delight, not only was the topic of interest, the older son saw value in sharing this with his friends and peers.  He actually wanted to teach this course.  And guess what? There are no courses taught on innovation in schools!  Yet, we hear all the time about how important innovation is to solving today’s problems and preventing those of tomorrow.  And so Plinnovate was born on the premise that students can learn to be innovative just like any other subject – the sooner the better, the more practice the better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare the students of today, to become the innovators of tomorrow.

A simple mission, yet we strive to reach it each and every day. Join us on this mission, and get started learning innovation for free.

What We Do

Provide online innovation courses, innovation workshops, and consulting for students, classroom, student organizations, and student startups. We hope that through these resources, students are able to innovate and make a change in their world.

Our Approach

Design courses for students and young adults designed by students and young adults with mentoring by adults.  We have taken the traditional Systematic Inventive Thinking course and re-created for students and young adults, providing supplementary materials that were selected to enhance the overall learning process. 

Why Learn Innovation from us?


For Students

Students of all backgrounds, all ages, all majors, and all interests can benefit from being innovative. Innovation is a skill that can be learned at any age, and the younger the better.


Find Your Purpose

You hear about “finding your passion,” but what is more important is to find your purpose. Passion can lead you astray, but with innovation skills you learn here, you can find your purpose.


General Skill

Complement your skills with proven innovation innovations. The innovation methods we teach, like Systematic Inventive Thinking, have wide-ranging applications from engineering to marketing to banking and more.



Innovation is a skill that can actually be learned. This can be another tool in the toolkit of life.


Stand Out

Learn an innovation technique that is available to students and young people in such an accessible and understandable format.  Set yourself apart.  


Solve It

Change your world. If you have a solution to a problem, don’t wait for someone else to solve. You solve it. You innovate. You revolutionize. 

More about what we offer

Teaching you the very techniques implemented in the top companies for the top executives (Johnson and Johnson, BMW, and more). Learn Systematic Inventive Thinking and Design Thinking and drive innovation and growth in your life.

Having given workshops for student organizations and universities, middle schools, libraries, we see how innovation workshops can transform an organization and classroom into a new way of thinking. A better way of thinking.

An awesome blog about emerging innovations, concepts, mindsets, education news, and more. Don’t miss out on any of what we talk about regularly on our blog. 

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