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Students and young adults are becoming increasingly interested and passionate about finding solutions to problems in their lives, and then building a product, service, and business around that solution. This entrepreneurial spirit has found its way into thousands of young adults and students across the nation. Yet, a lot of the times, students are faced with uncertainty regarding the level of uniqueness, or inventiveness of their product or idea. In order to separate yourself, your product, or your startup from others as a student, you must be innovative. But innovation is not a vague concept that should be tossed around unnecessarily, with not much to show. In fact, true innovation follows a process. A process that YOU can learn. Here I’ll talk about how you can start learning for free with the best innovation course.

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The course I am advocating for is “Innovation for Students: Systematic Inventive Thinking.” It instructs students in an emerging innovation method, Systematic Inventive Thinking. Systematic Inventive Thinking has been implemented in companies like Johnson and Johnson and BMW to name a few of the bigger ones, and the fact that students will now have access to these very same techniques is awesome. Upon running innovation workshops for college students and middle school students and teaching them the fundamentals of Systematic Inventive Thinking, students have told me that they were inspired by the techniques they learned. One engineering student in product design, for example, told me they wished they had learned these methods sooner. Don’t wait, read a brief description of the course below, and get started learning innovation for free today. I don’t want to sugar coat this post with details and testimonials. I want this to be as straight to the point as possible, so you can get started learning what matters and innovating in your life.

Innovation Course for Students

Course Description: Systematic Inventive Thinking follows the idea that innovation is a process. A set of five processes to be specific. By utilizing Systematic Inventive Thinking in your life, you will learn to generate innovative and creative ideas on demand. SIT not only helps you create new products, processes, and services, but forces you to see “innovation” differently. In fact, once you start learning some of the methods of SIT, you can potentially innovate a marketable product or service. Don’t believe me? See for yourself how most of the innovations around us are a result of SIT, and how you too can harness these very same methods in your life through this online course.

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